Brave Maeve – A Picture Book

How do you deal with a child in pain?
How do you tell a child why he or she is ill – gravely ill?
Joanna Poon has had to do it – like many others. And the bravery to write about it so that her child may understand. So that instead of being a victim and a patient she becomes a fighter.
And so was born the award winning picture book – Brave Maeve.
And my friend Joanna is offering the picturebook free to anyone who is a carer, a mother, a doctor or a healer of children. So I put it on this site – for it is a lovely book, a brave book.
You are welcome to read and download the picture-book Brave Maeve (from the link at the top of this page). Use it to tell stories, read-aloud or even give out copies to children. Just remember to acknowledge the author Joanna and give the source – this site.
May all children be well and happy.

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