Check out Rice Rambles

Rice – a plant, a crop, a lifestyle and a culture


Travelling around Asia – in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, India, wherever I went rice-fields greeted me.

Emerald fields on monsoon days, green-gold glints on sunny days and the golden grain of harvest days.

Asia lives on rice, has been living on it for thousands of years. It is grown, eaten, revered and worshipped; talked of in stories and folklore.

And there are thousands of varieties to suit the different climes. Many of these have been lost under the scythe of advancement and science. Yet science has ensured that the limited varieties feed more people.

There is an attempt to revive the myriad varieties of the plant, which began as a wild grass and is  now a sophisticated, cultivate.

Here you’ll find stories, folktales, folklore on rice.

And news which do not make it to the front pages but can mean food or famine to Asia.

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