Let’s travel Asia with rice …

workshops @ the Library based on the Travels of Little Rice Grass and Little Tea Leaves

Had a lovely time sharing and playing with kids (6-12) at the Marine Parade Library. We went on a trip through the vast continent of Asia – from the Himalayas to China and India and Cambodia and Japan and ……

following in the footsteps of the rice plant as it travelled down rivers and up slopes with mankind. We also went on a turbulent roller-coaster with tea – fighting battles  and crossing the treacherous tea trail over the humble cup.

It was great – to tell folktales and stories about rice and tea; do a tea ceremony and explore the many types of rice and tea eaten and drunk all over Asia; we made kites – a little mis-shapen and pictures with rice, wrote stories and simply explored.

The participants were not many on all days but a few turned up regularly for each workshop. Quite a few were very interested and even asked questions.

It was a journey of discovery for the kids to know food comes to the table with such a long story/history; and one for me to see interest, surprise, doubts and wonder!

Look forward to do it again with other libraries and schools.



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