Nurturing Nature – Writing Nature’s stories …


Image courtesy, Studio Ghibli

‘The place where the natural world meets the arts is a fruitful, fertile place for both.’

  • Ali Smith, novelist

‘Our society looks everywhere but the natural domain for the enhancement of intelligence….Yet an immediately available, low-cost intelligence-enhancing supplement already exists.’

  • Richard Louv, founder of new nature movement, US

In our city we are deprived of nature in a way unknown in all the previous centuries; and we are immersed in technology, equally unknown in the past. Research in medicine, neuroscience, psychology are throwing up new findings of the changes our brain undergoes (not always for the better) with excessive tech use – and low nature experiences. Our minds and bodies also suffer.

More and more people are feeling this disconnect with nature all over the world as cities become overbuilt and crowded; global climates are erratic and changing.

Not just science – there is a growing feeling of  dissatisfaction, a restlessness and a disturbing trend of unsocial attitudes in our wired lives.

So Reconnect with Nature – refresh your mind – and let in the nature spirit. Write about nature in your private diaries, your poetry or musings; or in your blogs and articles.

Writers are agents of change – change your life and that of others. Join the book council’s 1-day workshop – Nurturing Nature – writing nature’s stories, on 1 October.

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