Sculpted by Ice

Ice Ice everywhere  Over vast plains the north wind blows – frigid and frost-ridden; the few trees are bare, shaking and shivering; a hazy mountain range rises in the horizon; in the middle distance across the frozen river a herd of shaggy animals trudge their way, heads down against the wind and snuffling for hidden … Continue reading

Book Launch of The Game Hunters

Central Library L1 Plaza 6 Sep 2018, 3 to 4 PM

The Game Hunters

Kill or face rejection. Enter the unrelenting Ice Age of our prehistoric ancestors. Asia – somewhere in the south of the vast steppe lands – a sheltered valley where people wrest survival from an icy land. A historical novel for young adults and teens. A story of innovation and acceptance, courage and cruelty, life and … Continue reading

Let’s travel Asia with rice …

workshops @ the Library based on the Travels of Little Rice Grass and Little Tea Leaves Had a lovely time sharing and playing with kids (6-12) at the Marine Parade Library. We went on a trip through the vast continent of Asia – from the Himalayas to China and India and Cambodia and Japan and … Continue reading

Impressions of the AFCC

Impressions of the AFCC.

Impressions of the AFCC

A veritable feast of talents. Books, writers, illustrators, publishers, media, and of course the librarians and bookstores who take their creations to the world at large.. Here again are a few images which tell how children’s content is being shaped in Asia – mindfully, heartfully and oh so lovingly!

Imressions of the AFCC Opening Ceremony

Imressions of the AFCC Opening Ceremony.

Imressions of the AFCC Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the AFCC 2015 took place on Saturday morning. It was simple, enjoyable and elegant. And the talks were illuminating to say the least. As an author and one who likes many things Asian, I was happy to be there. Here are some picture impressions –             … Continue reading

Travels of Little Tea Leaves – second picturebook

  Little Tea Leaves first grew in the wild until they were discovered accidentally by humans. They added flavour to plain boiling water! Since then, they have travelled the world, becoming a hot favourite of kings and commoners. Different varieties are grown on all five continents. The history of Tea is also very eventful, where … Continue reading

Travels of Little Rice Grass – a picture story about rice …

Travels of Little Rice Grass – a picture story about rice ….