Environment magazine for school children- check it out

Young Lobtulia is an environmental magazine for school children which I have set up with the help of exceptional young nature lovers and educators.
It is part of the work of Nature Mates and organization in Kolkata, India doing wonderful work in ecology, Nature protection and awareness.
Do read and share.

It’s Tea Time

It’s Tea Time.

We are Asians

We are Asians, Asians are we, We’ve given the world Rice We’ve given the world Tea. We’ve given the world Buddha And the energy of Chi, We are Asians, Asians are we, We’ve given the world Yoga, We’ve given the world Zen. We’ve found the Zero And the power of Ten. We are Asians, Asians … Continue reading

Welcome readers of teen fiction

I would love some feedback from readers of teen fiction -editors, writers and especially teens. Please see the section On Teens and YA Very little historical fiction on India and the sub contiment. If anyone else is writing or have come across such stuff – and I don’t mean mythological takes, would love to connect.

Brave Maeve – A Picture Book

Brave MaeveĀ  How do you deal with a child in pain? How do you tell a child why he or she is ill – gravely ill? Joanna Poon has had to do it – like many others. And the bravery to write about it so that her child may understand. So that instead of being … Continue reading