Information & Content

Content is crucial  ;  Information lends  power

“to make you hear, to make you feel but above all to make you see”

-Joseph Conrad

Presentation is important; yet well-researched and well-written content is what makes people read an article, an editorial, a website. It may be for information or entertainment but without sincere content a piece of writing is meaningless.

And of course structuring your content .

I particularly work with developing subject-specific content, content structuring and planning in both online and traditional media  and ensuring readability and simple English.

I work with small and medium-sized businesses  in setting up an Information Management structure and system. This is not about computerisaton but about optimum information use.

Writing and editing are inseparable. Apart from writing, I also do plenty of content editing – for researchers, publishers and organisations.

Some of my clients:

  • Sentosa Development Corporation, Singapore
  • Gerakbudaya Publishers, Malaysia
  • Greencollar Asia, Singapore
  • Skulguru, India
  • M M Grower a life and work skills coaching organisation, Singapore

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