The Snob Cow

The Snob Cow


Nor cow nor bird – Snob-cow it is.
Wish to see it? Go to Hari’s office.

Dreamy eyes on a large face,

Well dressed, well turned, a touch of lace;
Two curved horns and a curly tail,

Touchy –with a terrible wail!

Slim and trim, bony and grim,
Loud voices make it scream.
How shall I describe it, poetry fails –
Here’s a picture- louder than tales.

The snob-cow thinks, b’tween cups of tea,
‘Life is tough – with certainty.’
If you find it angry, know it is hungry.
But does no good to offer food,
Makes it rather jangly.

The snob-cow worries, ‘Life’s a fallacy.’
Poor chap suffers from epilepsy.
Doesn’t like its greens or proteins.
Prefers some soup served in a scoop,
With soap to garnish, so its teeth do not tarnish.

Once it had eaten the strings of a mitten.
With a sigh and a shudder,
Like a ship with no rudder,
It lay on a pillow with a yell and a bellow.
Three months it took, while the office shook;
For the snob-cow to return to its old nook.

If you’re looking for a pet, I bet
You don’t want the snob-cow bird!
Just visit Hari’s office –
And tame an elephant herd.

Nonsense Rhymes tr. From Sukumar Ray


One Response to “The Snob Cow”
  1. Chaitali says:

    I loved this one 🙂

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